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Saturdays are reserved for Wedding, Special Occasions & Makeup bookings

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Eyelash Tinting*

15mins | €12


Eyebrow Tint* 

10mins | €10


Eyebrow Shape

10mins | €10


Eye Trio (all of the above)

25mins | €25


An eye opening treatment that emphasises the eyes for a natural alternative to eyelash curlers. Immediate results, lasting 4-6weeks. This treatment requires the eyes to be closed. A 48 hours Patch Test is essential, so why not get it done when having your eyelash tint done.


Individual Lashes

20mins | €25


This is a great way to achieve a natural lash extension, lasting up to 2 weeks. For maximum results, a lash tint is recommended for people with fair or blonde lashes for depth of colour.


Strip Lashes

10mins | €10


This is a quick treatment to achieve instant glamour lashes for that special occasion, lasts one day.                 Re-useable









* A 48 hour Patch Test is essential & required prior to Tinting for ALL FIRST TIME CLIENTS to Elaine's Beauty, regardless if you have been tinted before/for years.


This is for your saftey and ensures there is no reaction to the eye products being used in the treatment. Please bare this in mind before booking, allow 24-48 hours prior to treatment for a patch test to be carried out as the treatment WILL NOT be done without this. 
















Prices are subject to change without prior notice