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This is a great way to extend your nail length. 



Full set of Gels

approx 1hr | €45


Full set of Gels with Shellac Colour



Refills (recommended every 2-3 weeks)

approx 40mins | €30


Replace a Nail



Removal of Nails 

35mins | €30


Glitter Additives

Per nail | 50 cent


Simple Nail Art 

Per nail | €1


Hand Drawn Nail Art

Per nail | €2.50



Per nail | €0.50














It is receommended that Nail Extensions are removed professionally to prevent damage and weakening of the natural nail plate.

If you choose to remove your nail extensions yourself, it can take weeks to months for your nails to recover as you will have removed layers of your own natural nail in the process of picking off the gel or acrylic. Removal with a manicure is beneficial as any damage to your natural nail will be avoided and the nails will be protected and nourished. 










Prices are subject to change without prior notice