Swedish Massage
This massage has shown to be helpful in reducing pain & joint stiffness. A light or deep massage can be performed depending on the clients's preference.


30mins | €30


Back of the Body (Back of the Legs, Back, Shoulder & Scalp)
40mins | €40


Full Body
60mins | €50


Mud Massage                                                       
Back  |  30mins  |  €30

A unique treatment which can offer either detoxifying or nourishing benefits. The massage medium of an Oil and a Body mask with Olive & grape seed oil protects, smoothes and conditions while fortifying skin with antioxidants. Asian herbs stimulate circulation. The treatment is finished with the unique mixture being left on the back as a mask and then removed with hot steamed towels. 



Tropical Melt Full Body Massage
60mins | €50
A full body lymphatic massage with the use of skin softening coconut melt, gently works & stimulates the lymphatic system, to assist in reducing fluid. The aromatic essential oil of May Chang (Listea Cubeba) supports deep relaxation & calm. A head & scalp massage can be included for an optional coconut hair treatment, which can be left in over night.


60mins | 1st Treatment
45mins | 2nd, 3rd....Treatment


Per Treatment | €50


Course of 3 | €140


This non-invasive treatment helps relieve many ailments. It is also great a reducing stress and helping encourage restful sleep. It involves working on different reflexes on the feet which correspond to different organs, glands and systems in the body.
Prices are subject to change without prior notice