Shellac Fingers OR Toes

30mins | €25


Shellac Fingers AND Toes

60mins | €50

Removal with Shellac re-application

30mins | €25


Nail Art per nail



Glitter Additives

Per nail | 50 cent


Simple Nail Art 

Per nail | €1


Hand Drawn Nail Art

Per nail | €2.50



Per nail | €0.50




After Care for Shellac


Shellac is a soft gel, so DO NOT pick off Shellac as this removes a thin layer of your own natural nail, this causes damage and weakens you nails. If you do this you may notice white spots and peeling on the natural nail. Elaine highly recommends you have it professionally removed.


Apply cuticle oil EVERY day to keep your shellac & natural nail looking good. Shellac is poureous so your nails can breathe. You can purchase this at Elaine's Beauty 







Repair and Grow IBX Nail Treatment

IBX is a revolutionary, penetrating, curable Monomer system for nail repair giving a protective and strengthening shield for your natural nails. This is the first of it's kind working inside the nail instead of on top of it!


WHO is it for? Everyone!! It will help with peeling, splittingm ridges and white spots on the nails. 


RESULTS: Tougher, stronger and healthier nails which grow naturally!


RECOMMENDED: Each client is different and it will depend on the condition of your nails. Please take note of some guidelines below.


Once a Week

Thin, Damaged


After Nail extensions

Severly ridged


Every 2 weeks


Difficultly with nail growth

Under shellac or polish


Every 3 weeks


Nails without polish for beautiful natural nails

Under Shellac or polish to enhance the nails





On Natural Nails with Natural finish (unpolished)

15mins | €15


Under Shellac or Polish

15mins | €10









Prices are subject to change without prior notice