Spray Tanning is a quick way to achieve a golden look for that special occassion or night out!

You also avoid the nasty effects of sun such as premature ageing, fine lines, age spots & possible cancer!


Full Body       €20

Half Body      €15





Before Tanning

1. Exfoliate & moisturise your skin well in the days before tanning, this will result in an even tan. Concentrate on dryer areas

2. DO NOT wear deodorant or moisturiser before a spray tan as this can alter the colour and absorbtion. 

3. Wear LOOSE, DARK clothing to the treatment, this will avoid any staining on your clothes and marking of your beautiful spray tan!! (Avoid tights, jeans, tight footwear and straps if possible)

4. Please come to your treatment with no makeup where possible


After Tanning

1. Leave to develop for a minimum 8hours, overnight if possible.

2. Don't be afraid to wash your hands a couple of hours after tanning but for immediately after, use baby wipes for the plams of your hands for the 1st couples of hours. 

2. On your 1st shower, wash lightly, no scrubs

3. PAT the skin dry, no not rub the skin

4. Moisturise daily, this will help maintain the tan

5. Exoliate lightly every 3rd day or so, this will help with an even fade and avoid that crocodile skin!!! 





Prices are subject to change without prior notice