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€12     File & Polish

€18     File, Polish & Cuticle Work

€25     Callus Removal (Smooths hard skin build up on the feet)

€25     CND Shellac Polish (fingers or toes)

€27     CND Shellac Removal & Re-application

€10     CND Shellac Removal only

€10     Removal of Gel polish not applied by me

€30     Gel Polish with stronger base

€32     Gel Polish Removal & Re-application with stronger base

€10     Removal Only

€40      Builder in a Bottle 'BIAB' with any colour of choice

€40      BIAB Refill

€55     Full Set of Gel Nails with CND Shellac colour

€35     Gel Refills with CND Shellac Colour (every 3-4 weeks)

€7       Replacement of one Gel Extension

€35     Removal of Gel Extension (includes Buff and Shape)

.50c     Glitter or Foil Additive, per nail

€2.50   Hand Drawn Nail Art, per nail


€35       Margaret Dabbs Express Manicure

              A fusion of health & beauty. The unique Emu oil is known for its anti ageing & moisturising benefits

€50       Margaret Dabbs Supreme Manicure

              A luxurious treatment with the use of the full range from Margaret Dabbs. Intensive  anti-ageing serum helps reduce age spots and improves the                   quality of your skin. Your treatment is completed with luxurious hand and arm massage

€50       Margaret Dabbs Express Pedicure

              A fusion of health & beauty. Leaving skin soft to the touch, reducing callus build up.

€65       Margaret Dabbs Supreme Pedicure

              The Ultimate treatment for exceptional & long lasting results. The unique Pumice exfoliating mousse repairs & nourishes. A luxurious foot and                        leg massage completes the treatment.  

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